endlessstrugglezinesEndless Struggle, Number 12, Spring/Summer 1990, 36 pages…

As mentioned in the previous entry, left-radical, socially-conscious political punk rock was the soundtrack to Arm The Spirit, aside from the occasional foray into Kraut Rock and Outlaw Country.

Endless Struggle (out of Vancouver) was one of best zines covering left radical politics and left radical punk. Over the course of 12 issues, ES morphed from pretty much a straight-up punk zine to a straight-up political zine.

Issues 6 through 12 are up on the Issuu and Scibd sites.

You can find the stack of issues 6 through 12 right here !

Here is the final issue with articles/material on Political Asylum, GRAPO/PCE(R) hungerstrike, ALF actions, Defining Autonomous Struggle, Anarchism And Feminism, the Gitskan-Wet’Suwet’En, Against Imperialism: International Solidarity And Resistance, Bonanno & Stasi, Against The IMF And World Bank, The Resistance Conspiracy Case, The Ohio 7, and more…

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