UPDATE … SUNDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2015 … I didn’t have a way to upload the tape, but, the fine folks at The Talon Conspiracy did … I sent the whole thing along to them and they’ve just posted the booklet and Side A of the comp. Side B will be up posted shortly …

stillangrycompPolitical punk rock and Arm The Spirit went pretty much hand-in-hand (though, once Kraaker came along, Kraftwerk was also added to the mix, and, hey, it wasn’t an ATS production session after-party without some George Jones and Johnny Cash!)…Ron and I were both involved in punk rock and first met on the back steps of the Jello Farm punk house in Hamilton after a Problem Children show…

Ron had been involved in putting together “Still Angry: The Compilation Tape And Fanzine – A Benefit For The Toronto ALFSG” and had written an article called “Multinationals, No Thanks!” for the Fanzine that referenced Direct Action/Vancouver and Rote Zora and we immediately bonded over this shared love of political punk rock and left-radical politics.

We were pretty much inseperable after that…we were part of the Toronto Anarchist Black Cross together in the late 80s and after TOABC fell apart, we started up Arm The Spirit…

Here’s the Fanzine…got no way of uploading the tape!

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