DragonissuesDragon was one of the ‘Holy Grails’ along with, for example, T.U.G. (The Urban Guerrilla) and Osawatomie, that, as much as we tried, we could never seem to get a complete set of…I think we had 3 or 4 issues.

That said, 10 issues  are now up on the Arm The Spirit Issuu site!

How? Because the good people at The Freedom Archives have scanned and uploaded them! Such an amazing resource…hours can be spent going through the Archive’s scans and audio/video material…heck, there are even a few issues of Arm The Spirit!

Dragon covered the U.S. armed clandestine movement in the mid-70s…Symbionese Liberation Army, New World Liberation Front, Black Liberation Army, Weather Underground Organization, George Jackson Brigade, Fred Hampton Unit, etc.

From the first issue (August 1975):

“It has been the premise of the Bay Area Research Collective that the aboveground, underground and locked down are three facets of the same struggle. It has been our purpose to try to break down the the barriers among the three through support and criticism, at all times trying to build unity. We began a year ago with a rally in support of the six Symbionese Liberation Army comrades killed in Los Angeles. Over the past year, we have done a lot of printing of communiques, analyses, criticism – with distribution being though mail contact, wall posters, articles in the BARB, forums, informational tables, participation in and contacts with other organizations, and a rally this past May in support of the underground. Dragon will simply be another expression of our work.”



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