L&RissuesLove And Rage (“a revolutionary anarchist newsmonthly”) was published between 1990 and 1998 and was the official publication of the Love And Rage Anarchist Federation. At one point there was also a Spanish version. Happy to say that as of right now (December 2015) all issues but one (Vol. 7, No. 4, and I’m working on getting that issue) have been scanned and uploaded to the ISSU site…that’s 50+ issues…including the Spanish version.

From the  a 1998 issue of the paper: “Love And Rage is the english language newspaper of the Love And Rage Anarchist Federation, an organization of groups and individuals in Canada, Mexico and the US … Love And Rage is a bi-monthly anarchist newspaper intended to foster revolutionary anti-authoritarian activism in North America and build a more effective and better-organized anarchist movement. We will provide coverage of social struggles, world events, anarchist actions and cultures of resistance. We will support the struggles of oppressed peoples for control over their own lives. Anarchy offers the broadest possible critique of domination, making possible a framework of unity in all struggles for liberation. We seek to understand the systems we live under for ourselves and reject any pre-packaged ideology. Anarchism is a living body of theory and practice connected directly to the lived experiences of oppressed people fighting for their own liberation. We anticipate the radical and ongoing revision of our ideas as a necessary part of any revolutionary process.”

There has been a lot written about Love And Rage…books have been published, articles have been written and there’s been a lot of analysis/criticism/self-criticism of the whole experience…well worth delving into.

Ron, Kraker and I (the core of Arm The Spirit) were all involved with Love and Rage in one way or another, some of us more than others.  To quote myself: “Love And Rage. Ahh, the memories. To say that Arm The Spirit had a warm, cordial and comradely relationship with L&R (and the folks involved in it) would be something of an understatement. Ron, Kraker and I, both as individuals and as Arm The Spirit, were involved with L&R and, for example, we, along with other esteemed local comrades like Big B, helped organize and facilitate a Love And Rage conference in Hamilton. As I recall, the afterparty was held at Arm The Spirit HQ aka Ron’s place. There were also a few trips to NYC for L&R events. “

From 1996, here’s a bit of a compilation of Love And Rage issues (“a collection of articles from the pages of Love And Rage between 1990 and 1996) …full issues of Love And Rage spanning 199 to 1998 are available on the Issuu site…

All the issues of L&R that are scanned and uploaded can be found in this stack:

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