animadversepicAnimadverse was published out of Hamilton, Ontario in the early 90’s.

Over the course of 10 or 11 issues (I’ve scanned/uploaded 10 issues and am missing issue No. 2), it went from a small 4 page, folded-over, photo-copied zine to a full-sized, offset-press-printed 30  pages magazine.

A well-rounded (maga)zine with a big focus on animal liberation, queer liberation, anti-fascism, etc. 

I seem to remember meeting one or two of the folks associated with Animadverse at a party at the Arm The Spirit HQ on Myrtle Street in Hamilton…

The (maga)zine covered ” issues of oppression and struggles towards the liberation and self-determination of all beings. ANIMADVERSE supports the use of direct actoin as a tactic of pressure towards oppression. ANIMADVERSE supports the abolishment of all forms of Authoritarian control, for a society based on co-operation and mutual aid.”


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