Came across this just the other day. It seems a Quebec film-maker has just released a 99-minute documentary entitled “Un Americain, portrait de Raymond Luc Levasseur”…

The film is described thusly:

“Raymond Luc Levasseur grew up in a French Canadian neighbourhood in Sanford, Maine, near now-abandoned textile mills. After spending some time in Boston, he enlisted and went to Vietnam. After returning, still reeling from what he’d seen, he discovered political activism and joined a group considered by many to be radical. Convicted of selling weed, he served time and joined another group. In 1984, he was arrested again for participating in bombing attacks by the United Freedom Front in protest of U.S. foreign policy. Today, once again out of prison and living in Maine, he reflects on his uncompromising, idealistic life for Pierre Marier’s camera.”

Here is a preview…

Un Américain – Bande annonce from Les films du tricycle on Vimeo.07LivingForTheRev

Ray was part of the armed clandestine movement in the U.S. in the 70s/80s, as a member of the Sam Melville-Jonathan Jackson Unit and the United Freedom Front, both guerrilla organizations which carried out a series of armed propaganda actions/bombings. Ray and several others were arrested in 1984. Together, they were known as the Ohio 7.  Two of the Ohio 7 – Jaan Laaman and Tom Manning – remain imprisoned. Richard Williams passed away, behind bars and due to medical neglect, in 2005.

I’ve scanned and uploaded a lot of information and documentation about the United Freedom Front /  Ohio 7 and, below, you’ll find links to some (but not all!) of it…

SMJJUUFFThe Sam Melville-Jonathan Jackson Unit carried out 7 bombings between 1976 and 1979. Targets included Union Carbide, Mobil Oil, First National Bank of Boston, W. R. Grace and a couple of Courthouses. These actions were carried out in support of independence for Puerto Rico, in support of freedom fighters in South Africa and in support of prisoner’s struggles.

The United Freedom Front carried out 10 bombings between 1982 and 1984. Targets included IBM, U.S. Army Reserve Centers, Honeywell Corporation, Motorola, U.S. Navy Recruiting Headquarters and South African Airways, among others. These actions were carried out to protest the role of the U.S government in El Salvador and Nicaragua, against the U.S. military machine and in support of South African freedom fighters

In 1988 Ray and his comrades – after some other trials which resulted in long sentences – were charged with Seditious Conspiracy. The trial took place in Springfield, Massachusetts and, after a lengthy trial, Ray and his comrades were found not guilty of Seditious Conspiracy.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before,  I headed down to Springfield, Massachusetts in 1989 O7SedCommPosterand spent a couple of days attending the trial, hanging with the support committee, etc. A hugely formative experience for me personally and politically. From there I went on to the Toronto Anarchist Black Cross and Arm The Spirit, where support for Ray and his comrades continued. For example, the Toronto Anarchist Black Cross published a broadsheet about the Ohio 7 and Arm The Spirit published writings by Ray Luc Levasseur and interviews with Tom and Richard…


Anarchy In The USA, Spin Magazine, May 1989

Underground, Boston Globe Magazine, March 26, 1989

The Last American Revolutionaries, Boston Magazine, February 1987


Sam Melville – Jonathan Jackson Unit: communiques 1975 – 1979

Build A Revolutionary Resistance Movement: Communiques From The North American Armed Clandestine Movement 1982 – 1985 (includes United Freedom Front communiques)


Ohio 7 On Trial:Broadsheet put out by Toronto Anarchist Black Cross

The Women of the Ohio 7: The Women Of The Ohio 7 Talk About Their Lives.

Ohio 7 – On Trial For Seditious Conspiracy: Short Bios Of The Ohio 7 On Trial For The Armed Actions Of The United Freedom Front.

Letters From Exile by Raymond Luc Levasseur / Marion Prison

Arm The Spirit, No. 7, April/May 1991. Includes article on the Ohio 7, article by Ray Luc Levasseur and interview with Tom Manning.

Arm The Spirit, No. 10, October/December 1991. Includes interviews with Richard Williams and Tom Manning and an article by Ray Luc Levasseur

The Sedition Committee Newsletter, December 1989 (20 issues of this newsletter published. I’ve scanned/uploaded 16 issues)

The Insurgent – Vol. 5, No. 1 – Spring 1989. Newsletter of the Committee To Fight Repression (6 issues scanned/uploaded. This issue has coverage of the Sedition Trial, Ray’s Opening Statement, etc)


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