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as previously noted (ad naseum), as members of both Toronto Anarchist Black Cross and Arm The Spirit, we did a fair bit of work around the people ( collectively known as the Resistance Conspiracy Case 6 / RCC6 ) arrested for the armed actions described below . … we visited them in DC Jail and attending their sentencings, corresponded with them, published their writings and spread the word about their case.  We showed our solidarity and provided support  as best we could. We were certainly inspired and motivated by the 6 and were / are proud to have stood with them in prison, in court and, much later on, on the outside …

… here are the communiques released around the actions these folks were indicted for as well as a couple of mainstream media news articles about some of the actions …

… the communiques are taken from “Build A Revolutionary Resistance Movement! Communiques From The North American Armed Clandestine Movement 1982 – 1985” … our goal had been to republish this booklet, with some additional info, however that plan never came to fruition …

… already on this blog are the Red Guerrilla Resistance discussion paper , Resistance Is Not A Crime! Interview With The Resistance Conspiracy Case Defendants  , and Dykes And Fags Want To Know …

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7 Indicted In 1983 Capitol Bombing

Washington Post

May 12, 1988

A federal grand jury here has indicted seven persons, who described themselves as members of a secret communist organization, in the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Capitol and seven other bombings in the District and New York City, prosecutors announced yesterday.

The five-count indictment, returned last month and unsealed yesterday in U.S. District Court, charges that the seven sought to change federal policies through what they called “armed propaganda.”

Six of the seven are already incarcerated, serving time for, among other things, participation in a 1981 Brink’s armored truck robbery, weapons possession and the use of aliases. The remaining member charged yesterday is a fugitive.

The Nov. 7, 1983, bomb blast at the Capitol, which caused $265,000 in damage, ripped through a conference room near the Senate chamber and the offices of then-Minority Leader Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.), and shook the Capitol grounds in what some witnesses described as sounding like a sonic boom.

The indictment also charges that the seven were responsible for similar attacks at the Naval War College at Fort McNair, in 1983; the Washington Navy Yard’s computer center, in 1983, and its officers club, in 1984; the FBI office in Staten Island, N.Y., in 1983; the Israeli Aircraft Industries Building in New York, in 1984; the South African consulate in New York, in 1984, and the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association in New York, in 1985.

Moreover, the indictment charges that the organization, operating under such names as the Revolutionary Fighting Group, the Armed Resistance Unit and the Red Guerrilla Resistance, was planning attacks at seven other sites in the Washington area, Maryland and Delaware, including a D.C. law firm, the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and the Old Executive Office Building in downtown Washington.

In a statement accompanying the indictment, U.S. Attorney Jay B. Stephens said: “Let this be a warning to those who seek to influence the policies of the United States government through violence or terrorism that we will seek unrelentingly to bring them to justice. Those who attack our sacred institutions of government and seek to destroy the symbols of our democratic system ultimately will have to pay the price.”

Stephens singled out various law enforcement agencies and two prosecutors in his office, Ronda C. Fields and Margaret Ellen, who handled the case, for praise in the statement.

Some of those charged in the indictment had been suspected in the Capitol bombing for some time. Charged yesterday were: Laura Whitehorn, Linda Evans, Marilyn Buck, Susan Rosenberg, Elizabeth Duke, Timothy Blunk and Alan Berkman.

No one was injured in the bombing at the Capitol, which took place about 11 p.m., moments after a telephone call was made to The Washington Post, warning that a bomb had been planted.

A tape-recorded male voice identified himself as part of the “Armed Resistance Unit” and said the bombing was in support of the struggle against American military aggression, in response to “Grenada and Lebanon.” At the time, U.S. marines were dug in at the Beirut airport in Lebanon and American soldiers had recently invaded Grenada, routing Cuban forces.

A communique from the group apparently mailed to a local radio station just after the bombing stated in part: “{W}e purposely aimed our attack at the institutions of imperialist rule rather than at individual members of the ruling class and government. We did not choose to kill any of them this time. But their lives are not sacred . . . . ”

The 23-page indictment depicts a group bent on violently altering the course of government policy, and virulently opposed to arms manufacturers and the Israeli and South African governments.

The indictment says that in May 1985, Buck, Whitehorn and Evans had stashed in Baltimore a file labeled “In Progress” that contained photographs, “handwritten surveillance notes” and documents related to potential bombing targets.

According to the indictment, members of the group, operating out of Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland, commonly had on hand hundreds of pounds of explosives, including blasting caps, dynamite, detonating cords and ammunition, plus bulletproof body armor and high-powered handguns and semiautomatic weapons.

Rosenberg, 32, and Blunk, 30, were sentenced together in May 1985 to 58-year sentences for possession of 12 guns and 600 pounds of explosives. Rosenberg also is a suspected member of the Weather Underground, the 1960s radical group.

Buck, who is in jail, was convicted yesterday in Manhattan in the Oct. 20, 1981, Brink’s armored car robbery in Rockland County, N.Y., in which a guard and two police officers were killed. A federal court jury there found Buck, 40, and Mutulu Shakur, 37, guilty on eight counts, which included racketeering, conspiracy, armed robbery and murder in the Brink’s robbery and a string of other robberies in New York and Connecticut.

Evans, 41, was sentenced to 40 years in prison in May 1987 for buying guns illegally in the New Orleans area in 1983. She already was serving a five-year sentence for two other federal convictions.

Whitehorn, 30, who also has been linked to the Brink’s robbery in New York, has been tried and convicted on charges of making and possessing false identification documents and possession of weapons.

Duke, 47, fled while awaiting hearings in Philadelphia in 1985 on charges of possessing explosives and illegal weapons. She was considered armed and extremely dangerous, and is still at large.

Before she became a fugitive, Duke had been arrested with Berkman, 42, a physician, in 1985. He was convicted in 1987 on charges of possession of illegal weapons, explosives and false identifications. He is serving a 10-year sentence.

RGR8 (2)


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The Revolutionary Fighting Group

The following taped message was received by UPI on Saturday, January 29, 1983, RGRFBI (2)claiming responsibility in the name of the Revolutionary Fighting Group for the bombing of a Federal building on Staten Island which had occurred the previous night. The Federal building contained FBI offices and recruiting stations for the U.S. Navy and Air Force.

“We bombed the FBI office on Staten Island. They are the political police. They are responsible for attacks in the United States and around the world. Death to traitors! Free political prisoners!

We are the Revolutionary Fighting Group.”

RGR8 (2)Armed Resistance Unit

 Communique No. 1

April 26, 1983

Tonight we attacked Fort Lesley McNair Military Base in Washington, D.C. Fort McNair houses one branch of the U.S. War College, the National Defense University, and the Inter-American Defense College (IADC). This action was taken in solidarity with the vargraf77 (2)growing liberation movements in El Salvador, in Guatemala, with the socialist government of Nicaragua. This region today is the center of world revolution and the front line in the defeat of U.S. imperialism. For this reason, it is currently the target of the most vicious U.S. counterrevolutionary attacks.

At the IADC, the U.S. trains high-ranking military officers from Latin America in its program of counterinsurgency warfare. Trained in torture and terror, tied to the U.S. military and the CIA, its graduates are responsible for the overthrow of progressive and democratic governments throughout Latin America and for the establishment of fascist military regimes that oppress the masses of people. The IADC serves to keep Latin America as the backyard of Yankee imperialism and the graveyards of millions.

The people of El Salvador, under the leadership of the FMLN/FDR, are fighting to end the oppression. Their righteous struggle for peace, self-determination, and economic and social justice is a beacon for the peoples of Latin America and the world who have seen their lives, labor and resources sacrificed for the enrichment of U.S. imperialism and its multinational corporations.

The U.S. response is to use all the techniques of counterinsurgency taught at the IADC.RLLTriState3 (2) Green Berets fight directly in El Salvador while thousands of Salvadorean government troops train at Ft. Bragg and Ft. Benning, hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid is given to the junta, and massive “war games” are conducted by U.S. troops throughout the region. The CIA has hundreds of agents in Central America and is training and supplying thousands of mercenaries and ex-members of Somoza’s National Guard who are currently invading Nicaragua. The U.S. is openly transforming Honduras into a garrison state to implement U.S. military strategy in the region. Facing military defeat in El Salvador, the U.S. is implementing “rural pacification” programs that will result in the deaths of tens of thousands, the forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of campesinos into barbed-wire enclosed strategic hamlets, and the destruction of the land. Faced with a people’s war, the U.S. attempts to kill the people. This is full-scale counterinsurgency war, and we must actively oppose it.

This is not the policy of just one bad administration. It is the reality of U.S. imperialist control in the Third World. It is the result of a system based on maximizing profit for relatively few throughout the world and within its own borders. Caught in a political and economic crisis of its own making, faced with growing struggles of people throughout the world for national liberation and socialism, the response of the U.S. is war, fascism and genocide.rzpic3

The courage, sacrifice and determination of the people of El Salvador is an inspiration to oppressed people throughout the world. Our action is part of the growing worldwide solidarity with that struggle.

We inside the U.S. are in the belly of the beast. Solidarity is growing, but alongside our protest we must build an active resistance to the U.S. war machine. The growing militarization of our society means that the military is everywhere – and vulnerable to our action. Recruiting stations dot neighborhoods, ROTC functions on campuses, factories produce the weapons, military bases train the men. Resistance is not only an act of solidarity – it is the basis for our own revolutionary movement.0012 (3)

El Salvador will win, Guatemala will win, the people of Latin America and the Caribbean will be free, U.S. imperialism will be defeated.


ftacmpicclearA (2).jpg

Armed Resistance Unit

Communique No. 2

August 17, 1983

Tonight we attacked the computer operations complex at the Washington Navy Yard. We acted in solidarity with the revolutionary struggles of the peoples of Central America and vargraff48 (2)the Caribbean. We hope that this act of proletarian internationalism is just one of a growing number by anti-imperialists in this country determined to show that there will be no blockade between the struggle of oppressed people around the world and those here inside the U.S. borders.

The U.S. government wants war. It is planning for it and planning on it. There is massive U.S. involvement in El Salvador; there are 6000 marines in Honduras poised to attack Nicaragua while a de facto baval boycott surrounds its coasts; U.S. warships threaten to violate waters and U.S. aircraft its airspace; the U.S. is overseeing military partition of Lebanon.

The computer complex at the Washington Navy Yard is used to train high-ranking officers at the Naval War College. They simulate massive naval battles, practicing how to sacrifice the lives of millions – perhaps hundreds of millions – for the interest of the U.S. ruling class. The computers are part of the technology of death that the U.S. government employs to try to defeat the struggles of people around the world forvargraff49 (2)
national liberation, for socialism and for peace. U.S. finance, mining and industrial capitalists have hundreds of billions of dollars invested in the exploitation of Latin American land and labor, and use the government’s military might to protect their profit.

We have acted tonight to contribute to the building of a resistance movement in this country that will rob the U.S. government of the stable home base it so desperately needs. This is a lesson from the Vietnam War that we can apply now. Our movement can organize the soldiers and sailors not to fight, the military’s recruiting efforts can be blocked, and the technology can be sabotaged. The government wants the political debate in the country to go on between Republicans and Democrats over how to maintain imperialist control; our movement can be a progressive and anti-imperialist alternative that challenges that control.  Our action is a call directed to all who support the peoples of Latin America and oppose U.S. aggression to embrace the struggle for independence and socialism for Puerto Rico. Since 1898, the U.S. military occupation of the island to maintain it as a colony has been and is the most direct form of imperialist aggression against the nations of this hemisphere.

FALN3 (2)

The U.S. confronted by what Reagan has the arrogance call “the fire in our backyard” is committed to turning Puerto Rico into a military garrison to wage war against progressive movements in all of Latin America. Massive U.S./NATO exercises devastate .Vieques; Ramey Air Force Base and Ft. Buchanan Army Base are being reopened; the U.S. counterinsurgency training for the will soon be moved from Panama to Puerto Rico.

The revolutionary Puerto Rican Independence Movement will transform these U.S. plans into their opposite and bring the fire of Latin American revolution to the front yard and the very heart of the U.S. empire. Can those of us who know the true role of Kissinger and the CIA in Chile, the current reality of counterrevolution in Nicaragua and counterinsurgency in El Salvador, withhold our support from those forces building the national liberation struggles of the Puerto Rican people?

Alongside our demands in support of Nicaragua and El Salvador, we fight for the FALN23 (2)independence of Puerto Rico. We extend our solidarity to the FALN and the revolutionary clandestine organizations fighting in Puerto Rico. We join with people around the world in demanding the freedom of William Morales, the unconditional release of the 11 Puerto Rican POWs held in U.S. prisons, and the freedom of all Puerto Rican political prisoners and grand jury resisters.

The U.S. efforts to return to the days of gunboat diplomacy will fail. Oppressed and exploited people around the world learned an invaluable lesson from the heroic struggle of the Vietnamese people against U.S. imperialism. The imperialist war machine can be defeated through a protracted resistance and growing armed struggle. It is the time for progressive North Americans to renounce the empire and take our own first steps down
the long road to revolution and a new socialist world. It is the only path that can bring peace, end fascist violence, and promote the full development of humanity.



RGR8 (2)Capitol Bombing
Washington Post
November 9, 1983

The FBI believes the group that claimed responsibility for an explosion that damaged the Capitol Monday night has been involved, either directly or through affiliated groups, in a series of bombings of federal or corporate offices in New York and Washington over the last year, according to informed sources.

A tape recorded message was telephoned to The Washington Post moments before the explosion at 11 p.m. and said that the action was being taken by the Armed Resistance Unit in support of “all nations’ struggle” against U.S. military aggression in Grenada and Lebanon. A second call, also recorded, warned the Capitol switchboard that a bomb was about to go off.

Moments later, an explosion left piles of rubble just outside the doors to the Senate chamber, blowing out a wall partition and windows, ripping through the Republican Cloakroom, and damaging several works of art on the second floor. The bomb appeared to have been placed on or under a window well seat in a corridor leading to the Senate chamber.

Congressional aides said the blast, while it apparently caused no structural damage, probably will cost at least $1 million to repair.

Security was immediately tightened at the Capitol and other government buildings yesterday. Several federal office buildings and Metro’s Capitol South subway station were closed temporarily after numerous bomb threats were received during the day.

The D.C. police warned commanders that terrorist groups could strike again and ordered special surveillance of federal and District government buildings, courthouses, embassies and police facilities.

In a news conference yesterday morning, an outraged Senate Minority Leader Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.), whose office doors were blown off in the incident, called the explosion “an offense against all the people.”

“It was like a shrapnel explosion,” Senate Majority Leader Howard H. Baker Jr. (R-Tenn.) said. “It really could have been bad; there could have been a loss of life if the Senate had been in session.”

Sen. Jeremiah Denton (R-Ala), chairman of a security and terrorism subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee, described the bombing as “an attack that strikes at the heart of our constitutional democracy.”

“It takes incidents such as the attack on our marines in Lebanon or a bomb going off in the Capitol to obtain the attention that could have and should have been accorded to the problem earlier,” said Denton, who sharply criticized the news media for not giving sufficient coverage to the earlier findings of his subcommittee.

The bomb appeared to have been placed near the Mansfield Room, across the hall from the Republican Cloakroom and diagonally across from the minority leader’s office.

It caused major damage to arches, and the walls outside and inside the Republican Cloakroom were pockmarked with fist-sized holes. Glass in the wall separating the hallway from the cloakroom was shattered.

The explosion ripped a 19th-century oil portrait of Sen. Daniel Webster from its gilt frame and shredded a portrait of John C. Calhoun, Capitol officials said. Four other paintings were slightly damaged and were removed for examination.

Other prized furnishings also were damaged. A grandfather clock that has stood outside the Senate chamber since 1859 was stopped by the blast, which also blackened one eye of a marble bust of Theodore Roosevelt. Glazed tiles installed in the 1850s by English craftsmen were torn from the floor and propelled through the window of the Republican Cloakroom. Woodwork and gold molding outside the Mansfield Room were ripped apart in the explosion.

The FBI, which is investigating the incident along with the District police, Capitol police and Secret Service, is understood to be reviewing video tapes taken by surveillance cameras hidden in Capitol alcoves in an effort to determine the identity of the person or persons responsible.

At a news conference yesterday, Theodore M. Gardner, the FBI’s special agent in charge of the Washington Field Office, said that dynamite appears to have been used.

“It was a high-explosive device with delayed timing,” Gardner said, disclosing that the Armed Resistance Unit is the same group that claimed responsibility for a bomb blast last April at the National War College building at Fort McNair in Southwest Washington.
In that incident, as in Monday’s, no one was injured, the explosive material was set off with a timing device, and the blast was preceded by tape recorded messages played during telephone calls. The messages referred to U.S. imperialism, American bases, and Guatemala.

Yesterday, National Public Radio received in the mail a typewritten “communique” from the Armed Resistance Unit saying, “Tonight we bombed the U.S. Capitol building.”
The letter continues: “We attacked the U.S. government to retaliate against imperialist aggression that that has sent the Marines, the CIA, and the Army to invade sovereign nations, to trample and lay waste the lives and rights of the peoples of Grenada, Lebanon, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, to carry out imperialism’s need to dominate, oppress, and exploit.”

Saying the group consciously aimed its attack at American institutions as opposed to individuals, the letter refers approvingly to attempts by nationalists to create an independent Puerto Rican nation and calls for “Victory to the FMLN/FDR” and support for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

FMLN and FDR are two groups among interrelated organizations that have claimed responsibility for the bombings that have plagued institutions in Washington and New York, the FBI believes. Several receive backing and money from the Cuban government, according to information received by the bureau from U.S. intelligence agencies.

The most visible organizations have been the FMLN, the Spanish acronym for Farabundo Marti Liberation Front, and its political arm, the Democratic Revolutionary Front, or FDR. Based in El Salvador, the FMLN is composed of guerrillas who receive Cuban aid and cooperate with both the Armed Resistance Unit and a Puerto Rican terrorist group called the FALN, according to the FBI.

In the most recent bombing, the United Freedom Front claimed responsibility for two bombs that damaged a Bronx Army Reserve Center Aug. 20. Kenneth Walton, deputy assistant FBI director in charge of the New York office, said at the time that the group is also known as the Armed Resistance Unit and the Revolutionary Fighting Group.

On Aug. 18, a small explosive device caused minor damage to the outside of a building housing a computer operation at the Washington Navy Yard. The FMLN, in a tape recorded call, claimed responsibility.

On May 12, explosions rocked military reserve centers in Nassau and Queens counties in New York. The FBI said the United Freedom Front was believed responsible.

Last Jan. 28, a man identifying himself as a member of the Revolutionary Fighting Group called United Press International to claim responsibility for a bomb that exploded near an FBI office in New York.

On New Year’s Eve, four bombs exploded within 90 minutes of one another, rocking four government buildings, including New York City police headquarters and U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. A caller claimed at least two of the bombings were done by the FALN, while another caller said the PLO was responsible.

ftacmpicclearA (2).jpg

Armed Resistance Unit

Communique No. 3

The U.S. Capitol Bombing

November 7, 1983

Tonight we bombed the U.S. Capitol. We attacked the U.S. government to retaliate against ARUCap3imperialist aggression that has sent the marines, the CIA and the army to invade sovereign nations, to trample and lay waste to the lives and rights of the peoples of Grenada, Lebanon, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, to carry out imperialism’s need to dominate, oppress, and exploit. Every act of the U.S. military – directed by the White House and Congress – has been nothing less than an outright attack on the fundamental right of nations to self-determination, peace and freedom. These acts have been carried out with cynical disregard for life as well as for truth. Reagan calls progress and revolution “terrorism” and tries to portray the true terrorism of imperialist invasion as “democracy” and “freedom”. Only a government arrogant enough to believe that its economic and political needs should dominate the whole world can call the invasion of Grenada a “rescue operation”, the invasion of Lebanon a “peace-keeping mission”, the fascist rulers of El Salvador “democracy’s friends”, and the contras “freedom fighters”. The Reagan lie that the invasion of Grenada prevented a “Cuban takeover” is nothing less than a pretext for eliminating a Black socialist nation in the Caribbean. Last year, in a dress rehearsal ARUCap2called “Ocean Venture”, the U.S. armed forces practised the Grenadian invasion on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. The vicious attack on the socialist nation of Cuba – which has provided a consistent, revolutionary example of proletarian internationalism – and the attempt to discredit and destroy the People’s Revolutionary Army and the New Jewel Movement of the Grenadian people, show the extent to which the U.S. will go in order to control and dominate Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean, and to try to defeat socialism in the region. With the collusion of the press, the U.S. government is building anti-communism to justify these attacks and further military aggression to resolve its own internal economic and political problems.

We are acting in solidarity with all those leading the fight against U.S. imperialism – the peoples of Grenada, Lebanon, Palestine, El Salvador, and Nicaragua – who are confronting direct U.S. aggression, and those, like the people of Chile and the Philippines, who are struggling to free their nations from U.S. puppet regimes. They are all paying a tremendous price for freedom, and we commit ourselves to fight with the same seriousness for the same goals – self-determination for oppressed nations, the total defeat of imperialism, and the building of a socialist world.

Our action also carries a message to the anti-imperialist movement here, that we need to resist and fight as people all over the world are doing – with principle, consistency and ARUCap1determination. We join with all the people across the U.S., and the millions throughout the world, who condemn U.S. imperialist aggression. Our solidarity with the liberation struggles under attack by U.S. imperialism must be uncompromising, militant, and unwavering in supporting the right of those nations to self-determination. We cannot fall into the trap of debating which wing of the government has the right to declare war, or which politician might be less blatant in his racism and anti-communism, nor can we be fooled by those bourgeois politicians who claim to be sympathetic to Third World nations – and who would more “humanely” exploit those nations in the interest of U.S. imperialism. The enemy is the imperialist system. Electoral politics and pacifism are paths that have been tried many times, and that have failed. To follow those paths now will only weaken and undermine the movement and defeat our attempts to organize greater numbers of people to resist.

Our action carries a message to the U.S. imperialist ruling class: we purposely aimed our attack at the institutions of imperialist rule rather than at individual members of the ruling class and government. We did not choose to kill any of them at this time. But their lives are not sacred, and their hands are stained with the blood of millions. Let it be clear to the people of this country as it is to the rest of the people of the world that the U.S. RGR20ruling class are war criminals, and they will be held accountable for their crimes.
33 years ago almost to the day, Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola, two Puerto Rican Nationalists fighting for Independence for Puerto Rico, attacked another part of imperialist power – the Commander-in-Chief, the President of the U.S. Their action was one of the first in which the oppressed brought the war back to the doorsteps of the oppressor. We salute them and all Puerto Rican, Mexican, New Afrikan, Native American and North American freedom fighters who have been killed or captured in the struggle. To them also, our action carries a message – our commitment to carry on the struggle.

U.S. Military Out Of Grenada, Lebanon And Central America!

Defend The Grenadian And Nicaraguan Revolutions!

RGR3Victory To The FMLN/FDR!

Support The Lebanese National Movement And The P.L.O.!

Fight U.S. Imperialism!

Build A Revolutionary Resistance Movement!

RGR8 (2)Red Guerrilla Resistance
April 4, 1984

Tonight we struck against the “Israeli” military by bombing the New York headquarters of Israel Aircaft Industry (IAI).

36 years ago this month, Menachim Begin led the forces of the Irgun in a massacre of 250 RGRSYMBLPalestinian men, women and children at Deir Yassin. Genocide literally paved the way for the establishment of the zionist state a month later. 36 years later, Begin is a respected elder statesman and his fascist Herut party controls the “Israeli” government.

Today, the joint U.S./Israeli vision of a “greater Israel” and a totally dominated Middle East has faltered against the steadfast resistance of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples. The Camp David accords, the imperialist/zionist blueprint for control of the region, has been dealt a serious blow by the progressive forces in Lebanon. “Israel” has found that the guerrilla forces of the Lebanese and Palestinian people not only resisted their war machine during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, but continue to resist in occupied Lebanon, the West Bank, and in occupied Palestine. We act tonight in solidarity with those courageous fighters whose goal is the liberation of their peoples.

IAI is a key part of the “Israeli” war machine and is run directly by the “Israeli” government. They customize and maintain the U.S. supplied F15 and F16 jets that were used in the massive civilian bombing of Beirut in 1982. IAI produces the Kfir fighter, the Dabar and Davora patrol boats, and almost every major weapons system used by the “Israeli” military. The U.S. Congress and Reagan Administration have just given “Israel” $550 million to have IAI develop and produce a line of “Israeli”-made jet fighters. It is the first time the U.S. has directly funded another country’s ability to become militarily self-sufficient. “Israel”, like South Africa, will then be immune from the impact of possible
international sanctions.

IAI plays a central role in the arming of fascist governments around the world. When domestic and international pressure force the U.S. to cut off arms to Somoza in Nicaragua and the military dictatorship in Guatemala in the late 1970’s, “Israel” stepped in with patrol boats and aircraft produced by IAI. When South Africa needs jet fighters, the U.S. ships fighters to “Israel” where IAI makes them combat ready and transfers them to South Africa. The history of IAI is a damning indictment of the growing reactionary violence of two settler regimes – the U.S. and “Israel”. Our movement needs to be clear on the nature of zionism and move to oppose it.

RGR26A (3)A


The essence of zionism is settler colonialism, with its theft of land, genocide of
Palestinian and Arab people, and blatant white supremacy. This was exposed at Deir Yassin, at Beirut, at the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila. The official state terrorism is paralleled by the rise of unofficial death squads of settler/soldiers responsible for the recent attacks on Palestinians at Bir Zeit University and throughout the West Bank. TNT, the “Israeli” counterpart of the U.S.-based Jewish Defence League, is as much a death squad as any in El Salvador or Guatemala. Because zionism is based in white supremacy, zionists actively build racism towards Third World people in this country as well. There is perhaps no better example than Ed Koch, the mayor of New York whose virulent hatred of Palestinian and Arab people is matched only by his racism toward Black and Latin people.


The world zionist movement has innumerable organizational forms that maintain “Israel’s” existence through a flow of colonists, a massive transfer of money, and an intensive propaganda campaign. The Zionist movement tries to obscure the true nature of the “Israeli” state by invoking the horrors of a holocaust perpetrated by European fascists and through racist characterizations of Palestinian and Arab people. The avid zionism of anti-semites like Jerry Falwell, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan make it clear that zionism is a matter of politics and power, not religion.


The U.S. and “Israel” openly admit their strategic unity. It is a unity based in imperialist domination of the Middle East and a common goal of destroying the progressive forces in the region. Any differences are tactical. When “Israel” could not sustain the occupation of the whole of Lebanon, the U.S. moved in and allowed “Israel” to withdraw. Now that the U.S. has been forced to retreat, “Israel” will move to partition the country and maintain
the fascist Phalange party in power. The new “Israeli” fighter, the massive U.S. aid given as grants and not loans, and the involvement of IAI and the “Israeli” military with the U.S. Rapid Deployment Force are the sweeteners in the agreement for “Israel” to once again extend its military role in the region.

RGR5A (2).jpg

There is an answer to the “problem” in the Middle East. The solution lies in the establishment of a democratic and secular Lebanon; it lies in the establishment of a democratic and secular Palestinian state as called for by the PLO. It is the anti-imperialist solution supported by progressive forces around the world. Only racism and implicit or explicit collaboration with zionism has allowed the anti-imperialist movement here to say little and do less as the U.S. Navy bombarded Beirut or Congress voted to finance further “Israeli” military aggression.

The imperialist warmakers, whether U.S. or “Israeli”, should not feel comfortable in this country or anywhere in the world. The recent exemplary action of the Red Brigades in assassinating Leamon Hunt, U.S. guarantor of Camp David in the Sinai, made it clear that Europe is not safe for the warmakers. We hope our action tonight will contribute to the building of a movement here that will combat zionism as an integral part of our struggle to defeat U.S. imperialism.IAI005 (2)

If we want to end imperialist war, we must be prepared to sacrifice and to fight. It is a better self-deception to believe any politician can bring peace when the U.S. ruling class wants war. We need to demand more of ourselves. We can draw great strength from the
Lebanese and Palestinian people. In 1982, it appeared that the Lebanese National Movement and the PLO had been destroyed in the rubble of Beruit. Now, through determined struggle under the most difficult conditions, the defeats of 1982 are being transformed into the current victories of the Lebanese National Movement and the consolidation of the revolutionary forces with the PLO. Armed struggle and mass resistance are powerful weapons in the hands of the oppressed. We, too, need to take them up.


ftacmpicclearA (2).jpg

Red Guerrilla Resistance
April 20, 1984

We dedicate this action to Carroll Ishee, North American anti-imperialist who died fighting alongside the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front of El Salvador. His dedication, his willingness to take up arms as an ally of the Salvadorean people is an rgr15d (2)example to our entire struggle. To honour the memory of Carroll Ishee is to pick up his gun, build a militant resistance, and struggle to defeat U.S. imperialism on every front.


Tonight, while the U.S. military prepares for Ocean Venture ’84, we attacked the Officer’s Club at the Washington Navy Yard. We take this action as part of our ongoing campaign of resistance against the U.S. imperialists, to bring the war home to the warmakers. We act in solidarity with the sovereign revolutionary nation of Nicaragua, the national liberation struggle of the Salvadorean people led by the FMLN/FDR, the revolutionary struggle for independence and socialism for Puerto Rico, and all the just struggle for self-determination of the peoples of the Caribbeans and Latin America.

Here, at the Washington Navy Yard, high-ranking officers helped to plan Ocean Venture. They meet at the Officer’s Club to relax and swap stories and dream of careers to be made by invading Grenada, shelling Lebanon, and blockading Nicaragua. Genocide is a ladder to success for these men. By their own actions, they make themselves the enemy of the people of the world and the target of revolutionary forces. Whether in Central America, the Middle East, or parts of Europe, the U.S. military is being attacked. They hide behind barricades or stay miles offshore in their ships. They return to the U.S. to relax and recuperate and be adulated by a reactionary government and increasingly militaristic society. We need to rob them of the security of a home base and make them know they are the enemy wherever they go. Their officer’s club is gone – let them hide in their homes.

RGR18a (2)

Ocean Venture ’84 is the largest of an ongoing series of U.S. war games. The military will bring together 33,000 of its troops and will practice amphibious assaults and bombing attacks against Vieques, Puerto Rico – once again making the direct colony of Puerto Rico the U.S. military’s training ground. Ocean Venture amasses U.S. troops and weapons in the Caribbean, training and orienting its troops to the region’s terrain and climate. In 1982, Ocean Venture was a trial run for the invasion of Grenada. Now, as this war “game” begins, the Reagan administration is openly discussing its plans to invade Central America. The purpose of Ocean Venture could hardly be more clear. The imperialist strategy of counterinsurgency and covert war has not been enough to halt the inexorable drive toward freedom and liberation in the region, so the groundwork is being laid for a more direct and protracted commitment of U.S. troops. Honduras has been turned into a garrison state; the CIA committed an act of war by mining Nicaragua’s harbours; U.S. advisors fly military assault missions against the revolutionary forces in El Salvador; and the U.S. government, accustomed to dominating other nations, does not even hesitate to abrogate international law and intervene against the right of nations to self-determination.

FALN10 (2)For years, the inhabitants of the Puerto Rican islands of Culebra and Vieques have struggled against U.S. naval attacks on their islands – attacks that pockmark these islands with bomb craters, threaten to destroy the fishing industry, and force the inhabitants out of their homes. Determined struggles on Culebra in the 60’s drove the navy out; then Vieques became the new target of the genocidal “games.” In 1979, Comrade Angel Rodriguez Cristobal, Puerto Rican revolutionary and leading member of La Liga Socialista Puertorriquena, was arrested demonstrating with the people of Vieques against the U.S. Navy; on November 11, 1979, he was assassinated by the U.S. government while imprisoned in Tallahassee, Florida. In honouring his memory, we commit ourselves to continuing to fight in solidarity with the struggle for Puerto Rico’s independence and socialism. We express our support for the Puerto Rican armed clandestine movement and Puerto political prisoners and prisoners of war.


The U.S. has hesitated to deploy its ground troops in Central America because they remember that U.S. troops were defeated by people’s war in Viet Nam, and because they need a more consolidated base of support at home for imperialist war. But they have take the first step towards increased intervention by invading Grenada in the face of world condemnation. Now the U.S. is escalating its aggression against Nicaragua and El Salvador. The peoples of Central America are enacting the revolutionary anti-imperialist strategy of 2, 3, many Viet Nams, and they will deliver the next strategic defeat to U.S. imperialism and neo-colonialism – in its own “backyard”InsurgpicA (3)

At a point when we most need a movement that will fight and resist the escalating U.S. war machine, our movement is weakened by reformism and electoral politics. To build an effective resistance, we will have to fight and disrupt the U.S. war machine with heightened militancy in every arena of struggle. To defeat this system and build a new society, many more of us will have to take up arms as did Comrade Carroll Ishee – within the borders of the U.S. as well as around the world.


RGR8 (2)

Terrorist Group Blamed For Consulate Bombing
New York Times
September 27, 1984

The F.B.I. said yesterday that a relatively little known but increasingly active terrorist group was responsible for a bomb blast early yesterday that damaged the South African Consulate on Park Avenue.

The group, which investigators say apparently uses different names, including the United Freedom Front, is suspected of a dozen or more bombings in the New York metropolitan area and the District of Columbia since December 1982.

At about 9:30 last night, a bomb exploded at the Union Carbide plant in Mount Pleasant, N.Y., causing heavy damage, according to the Greenburgh Police Department. A caller who identified himself as a member of the United Freedom Front took responsibility for the bombing, the police said.

There were several warning calls before the blast. Tina Salerno, a night clerk at the Ramada Inn in Elmsford, N.Y., said she received a call at 8:35 P.M. from a man.
”He said there were 100 pounds of dynamite in the silicon building at Union Carbide,” she said. ”He was very abrupt and fast on the phone and he said it was up to me to warn Union Carbide about the bomb.”

George Flynn, a dispatcher for the nearby Greenburgh Police Department, said the warning calls had enabled the police to evacuate the building before the explosion. He said that there had been ”heavy damage” to the silicon laboratory in the plant, but that no injuries were reported. The Consulate Blast

The explosion yesterday morning at the South African Consulate, which the group also took responsibility for, occurred at 12:33 A.M. in a 12th-floor stairwell of a 33-story office tower at 425 Park Avenue, between 55th and 56th Streets.

The blast, which investigators said was far more powerful than any previous explosion attributed to the group, caused considerable damage to the consulate offices on the 12th floor and to other parts of the building. No injuries were reported.

About two dozen people were working in various parts of the Park Avenue building before the explosion. But the building was evacuated after a maintenance employee received a warning call shortly before the explosion.

The blast tore loose a heavy steel fire door and sent it hurtling 30 feet. It also smashed furniture in the consulate’s offices, ripped holes in walls and the floor, and knocked out a bank of elevators. There was damage to walls on six of the building’s floors.

‘Down With Apartheid’

Twelve minutes after the blast, a man with a Spanish accent called The Associated Press, the news service reported, and said: ”We bombed the South African Consulate in New York in solidarity with resistance to South African human rights violations. Down with apartheid. Victory to the freedom fighters. Defeat U.S. imperialism. Guerrilla Resistance.”

”This is the first time we’ve run into a group calling itself Guerrilla Resistance,” said Kenneth Walton, the deputy assistant director of the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He said callers who took responsibility for previous bombings asserted that they belonged to Red Guerrilla Resistance, the United Freedom Front and other groups. ”We are inclined to think that they are all the same,” he said.

”They may be trying give the impression, through the media, that a substantial number of groups are marching in solidarity when in reality this could be the work of one or two individuals,” Mr. Walton said. ”It doesn’t take more than one or two people to make and set off a bomb.”

Similar Methods Used

The F.B.I. official said investigators believed that one group was behind all the bombings because ”the device was similar to the others, the targets are similar, the method of operation is the same and the revolutionary rhetoric is the same.”

He said a joint F.B.I.-Police Department terrorist task force had ”substantial leads” in its investigation, but he did not give any further details.

The first bombings attributed to the United Freedom Front occurred Dec. 16, 1982, when explosions damaged the South African Airlines office in Elmont, Queens, and an I.B.M. office building in Harrison, N.Y.

Since then the group, under one name or another, has been linked to bombings at a Manhattan building housing offices of Israel Aircraft Industries and at military reserve centers in Hempstead, L.I., and Whitestone, Queens. Israel sells arms to South Africa.

It has also been tied to bombings at a Federal building on Staten Island that houses F.B.I. offices, and at Navy and Air Force recruiting centers at the Motorola building in Whitestone, Queens.

In the explosion last night at the Union Carbide plant, the bomb, which the police said had been placed against the outside of the four-story silicon building, blew out all of the glass windows on one side of the L-shaped building, more than 150 of them. The blast also partially ripped the outer steel structure from its foundation, and dug a deep crater near the building.

”It’s the largest explosion we’ve seen in Westchester,” said Andrew P. O’Rourke, the Westchester County Executive. He said that in the next few days, he would call a meeting of representatives of corporate security to discuss measures that can be taken to prevent other bombings.

The police, the county bomb squad and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were investigating the explosion last night. The police said that they found a printed note in the parking lot 15 minutes before the bomb exploded, but would reveal its contents.
Robert F. Dwyer, the building’s administrator, said that about 200 people work in the building during the day.

ftacmpicclearA (2).jpg

Red Guerrilla Resistance
September 26, 1984

We bombed the South African consulate in New York City to expose and stop part of the workings of the fascist South African government in this country. We act in solidarity rgr16a (2)with the hundreds of thousands of African people fighting in Sebokeng, Sharpeville,
Soweto, and Evaton for education, decent housing, trade union rights, and an end to the degradation of apartheid laws. They go into the streets to fight white settler colonialism knowing that thousands have been murderd by the police over the past twenty years, but drawing courage rather than fear from the memory of Steven Biko and the martyrs of Sharpevill and Soweto. The cries of IZWE LETHU and AMANDLA make it clear that the destiny of Azania/ South Africa lies in national liberation and national independence.

We extend our full support to the African National Congress (ANC) and the Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), the organizations leading the struggle for national liberation. For years they have labored under the most repressive condition to organize the masses, initiate the armed struggle, and internationally isolate the South African regime.

Now Botha and Reagan are coordinating efforts to strengthen the South African government by furthering its military control of Southern Africa, heightening internal repression, and breaking through its international isolation to bring it directly into the inner circle of imperialist allies. That is the purpose of “constructive engagement.”

The first stage with the military, economic, and political destabilization of Angola, Mozambique, and Lesotho. Mozambique and Angola were “convinced” to sign
reactionary accords that undermine support for the true representatives of the African people in the region: the ANC, the PAC, and the South West African People’s Organization (SWAPO) of Namibia. With these in hand, Botha took off for a tour of the most reactionary leaders of Europe: Thatcher, Kohl, and the Pope. The real situation is that South Africa never totally withdrew from Angola, over 100,000 troops remain in Namibia, and South Africa just staged the most massive war games ever held by their military.


Stage 2 of the imperialist strategy is the new constitution and parliament. It was never a serious effort at reform or cooptation of the Indian and so-called “colored” masses – the Afrikaners themselves knew it would be overwhelmingly rejected. It was only a very
small fig leaf designed for international, not internal, consumption; it will likely be used to justify a high-level trip by Botha or his representative to the U.S. after the U.S. elections. To insure that the masses knew that nothing had changed, Botha arrested mass leaders, murdered at least 50 African people in the streets in the space of three weeks and banned all meetings critical of the government.

It was this entire system and strategy of constructive engagement that was rejected by the African masses. The uprising over the past month should send a clear message to progressive countries and people around the world: nothing has changed and the need to isolate and attack the white settler regime has only grown.RGRLogo4 (2)

Our attack tonight is in response to this call for heightened solidarity. But a much more massive, militant, and more consistent response must come from our movement. Historically this has only come from the Black community – from the Garvey movement of the 20’s, to Malcom X’s trips to Africa in the late 60’s and 70’s, to the Black Liberation Army’s attack on the sponsors of the South African rugby tour in 1981. There has been no
commensurate response from the progressive white community. This failure is rooted, at least in part, in the racism and white supremacy of this country which shapes the consciousness with which white people respond to the struggle of African people everywhere.

One form this racism takes is to regard South Africa as unique – a throwback to slavery. It’s not. It is the modern crystallization of hundreds of years of capitalist exploitation and white (European) world supremacy.

The theft of land from the African people may have been completed over a hundred years ago, but the people’s lives and country’s resources are distorted to the very modern purpose of capitalist profit and white privilege. And the profit does not just remain in South Africa – it fills the coffers in London and New York as well. The “homelands” and African townships contain millions and millions of Africans who are not allowed to work so that wages remain low in the mines and factories, while at the same time all the fertile land remains in the hands of white-owned, large scale commercial agriculture. Poverty and starvation are planned into the South African economy and only the victory of African liberation will be able to transform its enormous natural wealth and productive capacity into decent living conditions for the masses of people.

RGRLogo5 (2)A

A free Azania/South Africa can be integrated into a Pan-African strategy for development that will break the stranglehold the imperialist system has had on the continent for a hundred years. The U.S. ruling class opposes such a future: the current situation is in its
economic, military, and political interest. Different administrations may have different tactics, but there is always one goal: to keep South Africa and all of Africa as an integral and profitable part of the imperialist system.

Another reason that our movement has not responded as it should to the struggle in Azania/South Africa is that it forces us to look closely at our society – also the modern product of white settler colonialism and capitalist development. It has a somewhat different development than South Africa, but it too contains both oppressed nations and an oppressor nation. The land was taken from Native Americans, Mexican and Puerto Ricans and much of the industrial and agricultural wealth is based on the labor of Black people brought here as slaves from Africa. While this country is different from South Africa in that there are white working class people here who are exploited by capital, victoryboth societies have a system of white supremacy that affects everyone. The U.S. ruling class tries to guarantee itself enormous wealth, power and privilege by giving the masses of white people here a little of each. In turn, they expect class collaboration rather than class struggle, white supremacy and national chauvinism rather than proletarian internationalism, support for war and repression rather than struggle for peace and justice. Too often it has worked, and the ruling class successfully forces a mass base of support for repression of the struggles for human rights and self-determination of oppressed peoples here and abroad. That consensus needs to be smashed if white people here are to share fully with working people around the world in the struggle to build a non-oppressive and non-exploitive socialist future.

We support the many people and organizations who have built solidarity with the people of Azania/South Africa over the years. It is time to escalate the struggle for divestiture by the universities, municipalities, unions and corporations. It is time to increase material ufflogoaid to national liberation movements.

It is time for all of us to follow the lead of the comrades from the United Freedom Front, who have made it clear over the past two years that it won’t be “business as usual” for the corporations and banks that profit from a white settler regime in South Africa. It is time that we all take on building a revolutionary resistance movement that can strike real blows against a common enemy and become an internal front in the world struggle to defeat imperialism and white supremacy.


RGR8 (2)Red Guerrilla Resistance

February, 1985

Remember Malcolm X – February 21, 1965

Tonight we attacked the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association to support the demand of Black communities across the country to STOP KILLER COPS.

vargraff36 (2)Right now in New York City we are experiencing a white supremacist offensive. Bernhard Goetz shoots 4 Black youths, becomes a white folk hero, lauded by Koch, and exonerated by D.A. Morgenthau. 10,000 armed racists demonstrated their support for the killer of a 66 year old Black grandmother and tried to intimidate those who have fought to bring him to justice.

Phil Caruso is right when he says that Steven Sullivan was just doing his job. His job – their job -is to control oppressed peoples, using violence or the threat of violence. Malcolm X, the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army, named and fought the police for what they are: imperialism’s occupying army in the Black community.

Why do cops kill? Why do heavily armed shotgun carrying, bulletproof-vested men shoot down 10 year old Clifford Glover or 66 year old Eleanor Bumpurs?

Because they’re racist and put no value on Third World people’s lives.

Because some of them are out-front fascists and love the sense of power and know they will get away with it.

Because they’re afraid. Not fear of Eleanor Bumpur’s knife or Clifford Glover’s Afro pick, but the kind of fear that the slaveholders and their overseers had of a slave rebellion. The fear that the oppressor has of the righteous anger of the oppressed. The fear that some day they will be brought to justice.

killercops1 (3)2

The cops are the frontline enforcers of a system of colonization of Black, Puerto Rican, Mexican-Chicano, and Native American peoples. They are backed by that system. The PBA is the organizational and ideological leadership within the NYPD. They provide the funds and the legal defense of killer cops; they work hand in hand with Koch to mobilize racist hysteria and consolidate a base of support among white people. Overwhelmingly they are protected by the DAs and the courts and have been indicted on minor charges only when pressure by Third World communities is intense and unceasing. The evidence against them is distorted and destroyed by Medical Examiner Elliot Gross who was originally brought in by Koch to cover up Arthur Miller’s murder.

Police power is part of imperialist violence – violence against Third World people – which will continue to rise as imperialism’s crisis deepens. What can we expect from U.S. imperialism in Central America but more violence, when Reagan call the contras “freedom fighters” and his “brothers”? The months and years of protest by Black people against the South African consulates in the U.S. wouldn’t be necessary if the U.S. didn’t copbaton (2)fully back the violent white colonialist South African government. Within the borders of the U.S., Black People – on whose labour U.S. imperialism was built – have been completely written off. There is no longer even the pretence that they system will offer Black youth a chance to grow up to an education, a job, even a home. The programs of pacification have ended. In 1985, the U.S. government’s main program of ‘social welfare’ is to cut back the minimum wage for Black teenagers. To the imperialist state, Black people’s lives are expendable.

The struggle against killer cops and police terror is a struggle against the naked brutality and inhumanity of a system that deprives Third World people of the most basic, fundamental human rights. When “democratic America” systematically denies human rights to Black people, they have the right to fight for human rights, as Malcom X said, “by any means necessary.” When the police, the courts, the politicians don’t protect but instead attack Black people, then Black people have the right to organize their communities for self-defence. Black communities organized for self-defence is the only way white supremacist violence like that of the klan and the cops has ever been held in check.

The struggle against killer cops is not a struggle against the excesses of this system but against its fundamental nature. It’s a struggle against colonialist domination and national oppression, against imperialism and white supremacy. The only way that will end is through a struggle for power: the struggle of oppressed nations for self-vargraff13 (2)determination and national liberation. Black people have led the struggle for human rights for years – in the courts, in the schools, and in the streets. They have also led by developing the struggle of the New Afrikan/Afro-American Nation for land and independence – the only way that killer cops will really be brought to justice, police terror against Black people ended, and the right to survive, grow and prosper as a nation be won.

Every struggle for human rights and self-determination by New Afrikan/Afro-American, Native American, Puerto Rican, Mexican/Chicano people – every confrontation with U.S. imperialism – has meant dealing with the police as the frontline of reaction. Before the army, before the National Guard was called out, the cops were there with dogs and cattle prods in Birmingham. Their purpose was to stop the march of Black people for freedom. When the Black Panther Party organized people to defend their homes and their children and to begin waging a struggle for power, police SWAT teams were formed and opened fire on Panther headquarters throughout the U.S. The imperialist strategy is to terrorize the masses through police brutality and killer cops, to threaten those who protest with imprisonment or physical attack, and to imprison or assassinate the conscious leadership of the national liberation struggle. This is why Martin Luther King, Malcom X, and Fred Hampton were assassinated. That is why hundreds of Black/New Afrikan Prisoners of War and Political Prisoners – 40 combatants of the Black Liberation Army alone – remain imprisoned in U.S. jails. This is why 500 police agents of the NYPD/FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force arrested 8 New Afrikan revolutionaries in October 1984. The New York 8 Against Fascist Terror are a part of the development of a full revolutionary strategy for self-determination and socialism.

RGR7A (2).jpg

Progressive white people have to face the fact that, overwhelmingly, the masses of white people have gladly played their role in this strategy. How else can we explain the massive outpouring of support for Bernhard Goets – even among supposedly liberal white people? Instead of supporting the Black community’s demand to STOP KILLER COPS, and of recognizing the police as our enemy as well, our movements have too often turned to the police for protection – against rape, against the klan, for security at demonstrations and picket lines. We in the oppressor nation have a decision to make about whether to continue to rely on the police, or whether to join with Third World klancopspeople in fighting the police as our enemy.

The struggle against killer cops is one of the main ways that masses of Third World people are fighting and challenging the very nature of the system. When white people take up this struggle, it is a real step towards changing our relationship to the system and becoming a part of the fight for power. Fighting white supremacy is the only basis on which an alliance can be built with the national liberation struggles which are leading and advancing the struggle against imperialism. Supporting the just demands for human rights, self-defence and self-determination and making these demands our own is the way that we can challenge the degradation and brutality of the system. If our movement will take on this struggle, we can begin to build effective revolutionary resistance.


Fifteen years ago, our movement fought the cops to stop imperialism’s war against the Vietnamese people and in support of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements. Today we are going to have to do the same thing if we want to help stop imperialism – whether it’s in Central America, South Africa, Lebanon, or within its own border. If we are not willing to fight the police, then we’ll be letting the state define what is an acceptable level of protest for our movement.

As revolutionaries in the oppressor nation, we choose to struggle for power rather than to beg for change. We hope our action tonight will aid the struggle that is being waged instopkillercops the Black community against killer cops. We have learned much from this struggle about who the enemy is and what it will take to defeat it. We are glad to be able to do some damage to the white supremacist pigs in the PBA, and we hope our action helps to build an anti-imperialist resistance movement that fights in support of national liberation struggles, upholds the right of self-determination, and organizes itself as an effective force to help STOP KILLER COPS.

With this action against PBA, we send a message of solidarity and support to all those heroic enemies of all U.S. police forces, the POW’s and Political Prisoners of the New Afrikan/Afro-American National Liberation Struggle, of the Puerto Rican Independence Movement, of the Native American and Mexican/Chicano Liberation Struggles, and of the North American anti-imperialist movement.

rgr8a (2)Fight White Supremacy – Stop Killer Cops!
Human Rights, Self-Defence And Self-determination For The New Afrikan/Afro-American Nation!
For The Liberation Of All Oppressed Nations!
Free All Political Prisoners And Prisoners Of War!
Defeat U.S. Imperialism!
Build A Revolutionary Resistance Movement!

We dedicate this action to Don Juan Antonio Corretjer, great Puerto Rican patriot, whose revolutionary character, commitment and clarity inspires us. He lives wherever oppressed and exploited people fight for freedom against U.S. imperialism!

Don Juan Antonio Corretjer Esta Presente!

ftacmpicclearA (2).jpg


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