… came across these 6 communiques from German clandestine /  militant groups … all fromantifafeet6 1993, all translated by Arm The Spirit, and all concerning actions taken against, as one of the communiques puts it, “suit and tie fascists” … Arm The Spirit published a couple of these communiques in our 32-page publication “Attack The Nazis Everywhere! Documentation On The Anti-Fascist Movement In Germany” which we put out in 1993 or 1994 … you can find that publication up on the Arm The Spirit ISSUU site …


Stop the Nazi Papers

Because the various warnings and actions at several businesses and stores apparently didn’t work about 50 newspaper stores were visited in 11 districts of Berlin, Germany on the night of October 4th to 5th, 1993. Three kiosks were torched and several were covered with a foul smelling substance. Many locks were also glued and the reason for the attack left behind in spraypaint and stickers.antifafeet3

For almost one year a campaign has been waged against the public sale of fascist newspapers in kiosks. By fascist papers we mean those which work toward a new dictatorial or fascist social order. They deny or downplay the holocaust, demand the return of the former “Eastern Regions” to Germany, spread racist agitation and see the only role for women in “peace times” at the home and in front of the oven. These papers more or less deny the right of existence for all Jews and all who aren’t white, German and healthy as well as all leftists. These papers have different approaches; they speak to different sections of the population and are openly fascist to varying degrees.

One of the papers we targeted, the Junge Freiheit (Young Freedom) is especially dangerous, and not just because it will move to a weekly format in 1994. The Junge Freiheit was started in 1986 as an internal theory organ. Since then it has a print run of 30,000. An important goal of the Junge Freiheit is promoting contact and cooperation among conservatives, extreme rightists, Christian Democrat functionaries, right wing professors, Republikaners, Nationalists and national revolutionaries. Many present and former functionaries of fascist groups write in the Junge Freiheit. The Junge Freiheit intellectualizes fascist positions and packages them as conservative. In this way the makers of the paper want to attain not only political power, but most importantly cultural dominance.

Anti-fascism for us is more than just fighting against Nazis and their press. Practical anti-fascist work for us is a part of the struggle against bosses, politicians, sexists and racists, against this imperialist normality. A part of this normality is the mass of softpornshit which lie around in almost all kiosks. This marketing of women’s and children’s bodies, this sexist and theTERRORsexist propaganda makes us sick.antifafeet2

We don’t however fight the fascist papers in order to defend this mock democracy, but because they are an obstacle on the path to liberation, because they support and legitimize the arsonist murderers with their racist agitation and because they are a motor which pushes this society increasingly rightward.

Fight The System!
No Foothold For Fascists!

Prevent The Weekly Publication Of June Freiheit

Antifascist Lesbian/Women Groups And Other Anti-Fascist Groups


“Autonomist Groups” Communique

We have:

1) burned the car of Nazi lawyer Carsten Pagel of Ritterlandweg 53a, Berlin Wedding on 28-10-93,

antifafeet9 (2)2) sprayed the household door of REP [Republikaner Partei, mainstream neo-Nazi party – trans.] Neukoln city health representative Bernd Bruschke of Wermuthweg 3, 8th floor, Berlin Neukoln, with butyric acid and glued the locks,

3) burned the car of the chief editor of Ullstein  Verlages [a publishing house – trans.], Dr. Rainer Zitelmann of  Friedrich Wilhelm Platz 3, Berlin Friedenau.

Nov. 9th was the 55th anniversary of the Reichspogromnacht [the night the pogroms began during the 3rd Reich – translator].  On this day the European right, that is the fascists in the the European Parliament (Vlaams Block, Front National, MSI, Republikaner) wanted to hold a celebration at the Berlin Reichstag  [parliament building – trans.]. This celebration was supported by the Deutschen Liga fur Volk and Heimat [German League for the Race and the Homeland – trans] and the Republikaners.

These parties want to cast the cloak of democracy over their racist, totalitarian, and sexist ideologies to help create a breakthrough. They are not in this way different from the established parties, but they function through grandiloquent speeches and a connection to fascist street terror to give the ruling classes an analytical basis which shifts the so-called social consensus even further to the right.

On Nov. 9th they wanted to mock the memory of millions who were persecuted, abused, and murdered under National Socialism, in as far as they wanted to propagate in an unrestrained way their, revisionism (lies about Auschwitz, theories of the shared antifafeet8 (2)responsibility in their own persecution of those sacrificed, the trivialization of National Socialism). Furthermore, they support the daily persecution of foreigners, leftists, and refugees in this country.

The fascists cancelled their celebration, not least of all because they were afraid of us. Nonetheless, we carried out this symbolic action, not because we believe we can really obstruct the fascists in this way, but to indicate that it is possible to drag the “normal” and honest fascists out of their anonymity. Fascists cannot be resisted either by militant actions alone nor by word alone. As well when the fascists succeed with increasing frequency in gaining public functions and making many people accustomed to this, there can be no normality in our relationships with them. If we want to force an end to their swirl of activity, a wide range of political forms of action is necessary. And to show that that is possible, we tried in a small to put a little heat on.

We can stop the fascists from meeting if we attack them.

Autonomist Groups

Gruppe Jupp Messinger

On the night of Wednesday, November 3rd, we broke two windows and used paint-bombs to renovate the building of the Bonn fraternity, the Frankonia, at Lennestrase 10.

This good and proper student association belongs to the umbrella organization the Deutschen Burschenschaft [German fraternity – trans.] (DB). Many ideas which are antifafeet7.jpg (2)characteristic of extreme right thought are expressed in the announcements of
fraternities. Included among others: the bringing together of universal civil rights and equal rights, a volkisher [a word of Nazi origin, meaning national – trans.] nationalism, combined with the desire for a new Pan-Germany, a biologically based and as such racist perception of race (a perspective of “Volksgemeinschaft” [a nazi term meaning national community – trans.] based on “blood quantum”), and a rigid anti-communism, anti-feminism, and anti-pacifism. Basically the student associations understand themselves, and above all the military fraternities like the Frankonia, as the “elite of the nation” and support their inhuman social perspective through their highly functional tentacles through the universities and into politics and business.

Their influence and their danger are not restricted to universities. They have always stood on the side of the ruling class and oppression; whether during World War I, the Weimar Republic, National Socialism, or today, where they not only approve of the politics of this state, with its mass deportations, closed borders, social decomposition, and internally and externally directed militarization but emphatically support them. So, staunch anti-semites like the Domincan priest Basilius Streithofen, ideological arsonists like the Bonn political science professor Hans-Helmuth Knutter, and and behind the scene masterminds like former Berlin senator Heinrich Lummer have made guest appearances at the “Frankenhaus.”

A prime example of the nature of their comprehension of democracy was given by the Frankonia on June 22nd of this year when they prevented over thirty people from attending a lecture by Knutter in their house, a lecture originally advertised as open to the public, and instead charged twelve anti-fascists with “trespass” and “coercion.”antifafeet11 (2)

A reading circle of the new right magazine Criticon also meets regularly in the Frankonia. As well, the entire spectrum of students, from the ultraconservative to the neo-nazi, is welcome there, sometimes including the FAP [Freie Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, a ultra-violent neo-nazi group – trans.] functionary, Rene Decrouppee.

The spiritual guardian of fascism such as the “Franken” must know elitist, volkisch nationalism, anti-women, and anti-communist views and activities will not go unanswered. Our night-time action was one such answer!

Attack The Street Level Arsonists And Their Suit And Tie Guardians!

Build Anti-Fascist Unity!

Gruppe Jupp Messinger

(Bonn communist tortured to death by the Nazis in 1933)


Communique Regarding The Action Against Rainer Zitelmann

On the 08-11-1993, we burned the car (red metallic BMW 3er, B-MW 4796) of Rainer Zitlemann of Friedrich Wilhelm Platz 3, Berlin-Friedenau.arasec2pica-001

He is one of the suit and tie fascists, the decent ones in the background, therefore acting from a strategically important position. Zitelmann belongs to the team of revisionist historians around Ernst Nolte. As of 1987, he was an assistant researcher at the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences at the FU [ Free University – trans.]. During this period he published two sorry works. One, “Hitler, Selbstbildnis eines Revolutionars” [Hitler, the Self-Perception of a Revolutionary – trans.] occupied itself with Adolph Hitler as a pre-eminent statesman, who, himself, had no guilt for the millions of persecuted an exterminated opposition figures. The designation of revolutionary is used by Zitlemann in a positive way because Hitler violated many historically useless conventions.

According to some statements, Zitelmann was formerly a Maoist.

His second work, a text which he issued together with R. melser: “Die braune Elite, 22 biographische Skizzen” [The Brown lite, 22 Biographical Sketches – trans.]. In it Zitelmann worked further on his favorite theme, Adolph Hitler. He constructs a
leadership picture to raise the enthusiasm of young and old fascists alike. Hitler, the cool statesman, who consistently executed his external and internal political objectives. Hitler, the great personality: “Characteristic for Hitler was first of all the radicalism and exclusive quality with which he supported all of his views, insights, and prejudices, and secondly his attempt ‘rationally’ ground his opinions and to formulate a closed worldview, free of contradictions and offering a solution to all problems. Feelings which only caused other people uneasiness, drove him to despair. More radical than many of his contemporaries, Hitler perceived real or supposed outrages.” Zitlemann supports the concept that Hitler should not be perceived as the cause of the Holocaust, but rather that the Holocaust was a consequence of the increasing radicalization of society. Mind you, he does not deny the mass murder of Jews, he merely downplays it. Because, if the
Holocaust was an example of the laws of history, that means that the perpetrators could not have handled it otherwise and, as such carry no guilt.

In the meantime, he lets drop a few expressions of embarrassment to protect an external appearance of balance: “Those who didn’t belong to this Volksgemeinschaft [National Socialist term meaning “national community” – trans.], lived a different reality during the Third Reich: not in increased equality and opportunity, but with limitations, persecution, antifagrafnineteen-002humiliation, and oppression.” What a cynical trivialization of torture, murder, and rape.

Perhaps up to now it is possible for people to still think that we are dealing with an intellectual new right that is attempting to discover new shades of brown in Germany’s past, who see themselves as better informed. But they move in an unambiguous radical right circle.

The beginning of his transformation was at Ullstein/Langen-Muller Verlag, the third largest publishing house in the FRG, where he edited the anthology “Die Schatten der Vergangenheit – Impulse zur Historisieung des Nationalsozialismus” [The Shadow of the Past: The Impulse to Historically Contextualize National Socialism – trans.]. It contained writings, among others, by Ernst Nolte and Michael Wolfssohn. The concern of this work is to make the historical debate objective. So it says in the introduction: “Even coping with the past requires a rational discourse. It is not only the ‘Jenniger case’ (in the truest sense of the word) that indicates the lack of composure of public opinion if it involves a reappraisal of the past.”

In the following essay, “Was heist Historisierung des Nationalsozialismus?” [What is Meant by Historically Contextualizing National Socialism – trans.] (by U. Backes, E. Jesse, and our little Zitlemann), the authors plead for the abandonment of a moralistic assessment and for a entire historical overview of National Socialism: “In classification and assessment of historical events and situations, comparison plays a central role. The assertion of the incomparible nature of certain events (like, for instance, the National Socialist extermination of the Jews) constitutes a contradicto in adjecto (contradiction in itself).” A few pages later the authors are even clearer. They oppose the censoring of radical right-wing writings. They fret about the welfare of authors like Arthur Butz and Wilhelm Staglich, who deny the Holocaust, and regret that “for specific writings a ban on publication exists. Even more serious, however, is the fact that authors whose work is indicated are effectively socially proscribed.” Every thing should be freely available to allow the New Right to use the mantel of offensive history to conquer terrain for their fellow-fascists of like mind. So it is no longer surprising if a serious debate about David Irving’s theses (lies about Auschwitz) is encouraged, as these “fertile tendencies” have an effect.

In 1992, Zitelmann was appointed chief editor of the Ullstein Propylan Verlag [ a publishing house – trans.] by Herbert Fleissner. Fleissner, before he became Springer’s managing director at Ullstein/Langen-Muller, published Franz Schonhuber’s [leader of the the Republikaner Party, a mainstream neo-nazi party in Germany, and a former SS officer – trans.] glorification of the Waffen SS, “Ich war dabei” [I Was There – trans.], and is a member of the southern German pro-National Socialist Witiko-Bund.

As chief editor he decides not only what will be picked up, he also vigourously helps bring racist propaganda to the people.

In 1992, he helped the old racist Heinrich Lummer to write his sorry work, “Asyl – Das misbrauchte Recht” [Asylum: The Abused Right – trans.], for which he received Lummer’s heartfelt thanks.antifagrafeighteena

This work is teeming with references to Gypsies, pseudo-refugees, and criminals. Waves of criminals from the Balkans and black Africa are washing over us. The right to asylum should be completely eliminated. Protection from persecution is nothing other than sentimental humanitarianism. The whole thing peaks with the threatening observation that something must change soon as the peace between the local people and the foreigners is tenuous.

As the editor of “Westbindung: Chancen and Risken fur Deutschland” [The Western Bond: Opportunities and Risks for Germany – trans.] he makes an appearance with Karlheinz Weismann. Weismann is the editor of the Nazi and racist Mut [Rage – trans.] and the author of Jungen Freiheit [Youthful Freedom – trans.]. Little wonder, therefore that Zitelmann enthusiastically gives interviews in this newspaper, especially if it deals with new conceptions for the self-described “taz of the right” (taz is a social-democratic
left daily ideologically close to the socialist left within the Green Party – trans.).

We consider it necessary to drag such a respectable leadership, a leadership which sports brown underwear under its white suits, out of its anonymity. While fascist parties like the Republikaners agitate on the parliamentary level, intellectuals like Zitelmann drive the rightward shift forward by more subtle means. He not only makes National Socialism again appropriate for the salon, in as far as he, above all, occupies himself with the positive sides, he courts the deep brown pack and definitely takes the side of the racists and criminals.

Communique Regarding The Action Against Carsten Pagel

We chose C. Pagel (Office address: Fragestr. 73, Berlin-Friedenau) as the target for an anti-fascist action, because after a career of almost 12 years in the extreme right and fascist milieu as a Nazi lawyer, as an author in neo-fascist publications such as the affmdatfonec-001“Junge Freiheit” [Young Freedom – trans.], as a functionary in the Deutschen Liga fur Volk und Heimat (DL) [German League for the People and the Homeland – trans.], and as a committee member of the “Hoffman v. Fallersleben Bildungswerks” [Hoffman v. Fallerleben Center for Formation – trans.] he has a central structural role within the Berlin neo-fascist spectrum.

Let us recall yet again a few dates out of the career of this man who is now an intermediary between militant neo-nazis, the New Right, and old Nazis in Berlin.

C. Pagel – A Spider In Berlin’s Brown Web And Nazi Lawyer

December 1991

Pagel was elected as a committee member of the “Hoffman v. Fallersleben Bildungswerks”. The “Bildungswerk” was founded in January 1991 as an umbrella organization for militant neo-nazis, representatives of the New Right, and old Nazis. The “Bildungswerk” very forcefully portrayed it’s function as ideological instruction, e.g. through one day seminars given by all those devoted to “activity in the national milieu.” (such that no boundary to extreme right-wingers exists). Speakers have included, among
others, Ex-Euro-Rep Emil Schlee [a member of the European parliament representing the Republikaner Partei, a mainstream far-right party – trans.], Markus Motschmann, Matthias Bath. At the same time, an attempt was made to use the “Bildungswerk” to establish and to coordinate the points emphasized in the propaganda of different tendencies within the Berlin fascist spectrum. The “Bildungswerk”, at the same time, served as the front organization for the Deutschen League fur Volk und Heimat (DL), which was founded in October 1991, and which served as a merger of former NPDers [German Nationalist Party, a mainstream far right party – trans.], ex-Republikaners, NSDAP/AO [German National Socialist Workers Party/Reconstruction Organization – autoantifagrafaaaatrans.] cadre, among others. The goal of the DL is to build an umbrella fascist party with the most superficially modern appearance possible.

May 1992

The “nationalists” planned a fascist march on the Soviet “Kapitulationsmuseum” [Museum of the Capitulation/Surrender – trans.] in Karlshorst with the holocaust denier David Irving as the main speaker. Pagel acted as a lawyer for the nationalists in an attempt to have the legal ban on the march lifted. The march remained banned. Anti-fascist demonstrators prevented all further attempts by the neo-nazis to gather.

November 1992

Pagel acted as the lawyer for the “Deutsche Kulturgemeinschaft” [German Cultural Association – trans.] and its acting chairwoman Ursula Schaffer in an attempt to overturn the ban on the second fascist march to the “Soldatenfriedhof” [soldier’s cemetery – trans.] in Halbe.

January 1993

Pagel took part in the “Feierstunde zur Reichsgrundung” [Celebration of the Founding of the Reich – trans.] jointly organized by Berliner Kulturgemeinschaft Preusen [Berlin Prussian Cultural Association – trans.] and the Hoffman v. Fallersleben Bildungswerk. As well, over and above this, C. Pagel is the joint editor for Berlin of the largest New Right newspaper, “Junge Freiheit” and continues as a lawyer to meet with old Nazis and militant neo-nazis.

antifafeet10 (2)Nazi functionaries like C. Pagel, with their suits and ties, make fascist and racist ideology, appropriate for the salon – his contacts reach as far as the CDU [Christian Democratic Party – trans.].

The translation of this ideology into practice, promoted and supported by the State and the established parties through racist propaganda and the growing exclusion and stigmatization of all those who do not or cannot express the ruling norms (migrants, refugees, black Germans, the homeless, the disabled, lesbians, gays, the left), has been over 50 deaths and many nameless sacrifices to racist and fascist terror over the last four years.

The proximity in time of our action to the anniversary of the night of the Reich pogrom of November 9th, 1938 is a conscious decision. It has nothing to do with putting a check to any “beginning,” but rather with offering a practical anti-fascism to fascist continuity and its representatives in the FRG.

An Autonomist Group


False Heros Fall For False Glory
Nazis And Militarists Fuck Off

In the night from October 27 to October 28/93, we decorated the front courtyard of the Soldatensfriedhof [soldiers cemetery – trans.] in Halbe with two large letters (S.O.), as well as clearly improving the rest of the view in Halbe Erfuhr with previously unavailable slogans directed against, Nazis, fascists, racists, and war-mongers.

antifafeet4aWe ‘re directing this against the march planned again for this year (November 14) by domestic and foreign fascists and nationalists, who since 1990 have occasionally used this site to establish German and pan-European contacts and to organize themselves.

Halbe was the site of the last large battle of encirclement of World War II. The SS General Felix Steiner issued the order to his 3rd German Panzer Corps and the German soldiers not to surrender to the vastly superior Soviet army, but to continue, even in this hopeless situation, to struggle for the “final victory.” Among the fallen there were also many youth summoned to the “Volkssturm” [German Territorial Army during the Third Reich – trans.] during the last days of the “thousand day Reich” and sacrificed to Nazi exhortations to hold out. (See Antifa Info Nr. 20)

As early as 1951, the then parish priest of Halbe established a memorial at the Soldatenfriedhof. In 1991, the Bundeswehr [German army – trans.] was ready to AAM-DEMO1celebrate a common wreath-laying with the fascists. For us the fact that 22,000 people were driven to join the war-dead is no cause for a “memorial.” This site can no longer remain a place of pilgrimage for the neo-nazi scene.

Again this year, on November 14, the neo-nazis are planning a march in commemoration of the Waffen SS. However, with our action we want to indicate that they are not wanted in Halbe or elsewhere.

Prevent the Nazi March!!!
Smash The Nazis Wherever You Find Them!!!

NASCH (Nachtliche antifaschistische Schleicherinnen) [Anti-Fascist Night Prowlers – trans.]


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